Krone BaleCollect 1230

20/10/2017 04:00

It´s Friday again, time for a new machine presentation from our Add-on „Straw Harvest“. The last machine which will complete and round off our Add-on will be the Krone BaleCollect 1230. This new developed bale collector is attached to a Krone BiG Pack baler and drops packages of three bales. In combination with our Krone BiG Pack 1290 HDP II XC and Bressel und Lade B50 AR-03 you achieve a higher performance and more comfortable loading of your bale recovery.

A big feature of the bale collector is the telescopic drawbar, when working on the field the bale collector will be positioned right behind the bale channel and follows due to the unlocked turning of the wheels every movement of the BiG Pack. On the streets the telescopic drawbar will extend and turning of the wheels will be locked, this guarantees ideal road-holding characteristics.

With today´s presentation the machines in our Add-on are complete, however there will be more information and campaigns on our social media pages and website as well as in our newsletter. You can find the newsletter and a list of all machines here.

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