Krone Conzept Bale Shredder

06/10/2017 05:00

Welcome to our latest news! Today we would like to present to you a new mashine, which will be included in our Add-on „Straw Harvest“. This new mashine is the Krone Concept Bale Shredder for the Krone Premos 5000.

The Bale Shredder can be attached to the Krone Premos 5000 if necessary. With the shredder in your mashine park you are not only able to press pellets out of swaths on the fields but also stationary out of square and round bales. This gives you the big advantage of getting your hay and straw from the fields to your farm using the balers and bale grabs as well as the Premos 5000 and on the farm you can press pellets out of bales if needed to. All in all you will get a big increase of your efficiency during straw and hay harvest.

Your Creative Mesh Team