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Steeped in history for the team and important for the region of Stuttgart - that's the Pattonville airfield (EDTQ) in the Baden-Württemberg area!

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Back in 2009, we created a replica of this very special airfield for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Built with special care at the time, today, with the release for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 we have come full circle!

Originally built by the German Wehrmacht and later taken over by the US Army, the airfield served purely military purposes for a long time. After the end of World War II, the local flying clubs were able to use the airfield with its 800 meter long asphalt runway for recreational purposes again. To this day, Pattonville is primarily used for flights with gliders, motor gliders and microlights by members of the 7 clubs based at the airfield, where aspiring pilots can also obtain their license through internal club training. You can still see the decades of American influence on the airfield and in particular the surrounding district of Pattonville through its typical architecture.

The stationing of the DRF rescue helicopter Christoph 51 has provided particular value to medical care in the Stuttgart region since 2009. Centrally located for the surrounding cities of Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Kornwestheim and Remseck, the site has since served as a take-off and landing site for more than 1,000 rescue flights per year, which has also led to greater acceptance of the airfield among the population.

From a flight perspective, the Pattonville special landing site offers pilots a little variety to the usual approach procedures, as the classic aerodrome circuit cannot be found here. Due to the dense development in the surroundings of the airfield, approach and departure corridors, rather atypical for airfields of this size, had to be created by means of mandatory reporting points to protect residents from noise.

An unforgettable experience for both airplane and helicopter pilots - a challenging experience and an absolute feast for the eyes! Visit Pattonville today!

Take-off and landing

Like in the real-life counterpart, a special focus was placed on realistic approach and take-off guidance, which was integrated into the game with great care and precision to ensure that take-offs and landings are as successful as in real life! Experienced pilots are required here - the mandatory reporting points result in an acute approach and take-off angle, which can be quite a challenge.

City and nature close together

Once successfully airborne, there is a wonderful view of Stuttgart to the north, with its large parks, forests and vineyards. In the south, the landscape opens to the picturesque Swabian Alb, which offers a truly breathtaking view while flying!

Rich in detail and functions

With Pattonville we keep our quality standard and provide the airfield with detailed objects including PBR textures and LoD. The landscape around Pattonville has also been adapted so that the airfield blends seamlessly into the scenery!

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