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Paus TSL 8.7

Paus TSL 8.7, the first and only telescopic swivel loader in Farming Simulator.

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After the great success of our add-on Straw Harvest we had the pleasure to work on several projects for different companies. The first free to play modification for Farming Simulator 17 developed by Creative Mesh is the Paus TSL 8.7, a very unique machine and the first and only telescopic swivel loader in Farming Simulator. It stands out with its combination of articulated steering and the 180° swivelling telescopic lifting arm. These features and the extreme maneuverability makes the TSL 8.7 from Paus a truly multipurpose machine even in the narrowest environments.

Not only did we develop the Paus TSL 8.7 for Farming Simulator 17 and 19 with original sound recordings and high level of detail but also provided one our SimRig gaming stations and flyers for the trade fair presentation on the German trade fairs Eurotier in Hannover and Bauma in Munich. For a high game emmersion In order to make the simulator even more realistic and to be able to operate the vehicles as realistically as possible, we developed an interface including electronics in order to be able to control not only the real but also the virtual TSL 8.7 with the original joystick. In a small course, which one mastered with the telescopic swivel loader and in which the vehicle showed all its skills, the fair visitors could convince themselves of the TSL 8.7. The cooperation was a complete success for our client and the Paus TSL 8.7 one of the most downloaded mods across the Farming Simulator versions. We are proud to have mastered this project with the company Paus.

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