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Rebel Moon

Join the galactic battle to save the settlement with Rebel Harvest! Save Veldt, a Farming Simulator 22 map inspired by Netflix's Rebel Moon.


The visually striking and powerful Netflix movie Rebel Moon captivates the viewer with a breathtaking story and exciting character development! Based on the beginning of a marvelous story, this thrilling map was created for Farming Simulator 22!

A peaceful settlement on the far-flung farming moon of Veldt at the edge of the galaxy is threatened by the armies of a tyrannical ruler! The mother world has sent Admiral Atticus Noble to demand grain for his army!

This unexpected crossover calls for the players’ courage to harvest as much grain as possible with the help of the scythe and bring bundles of grain to the silo. If the players manage to successfully deliver the harvest, the Admiral will show mercy and spare the settlement from destruction! But caution! There are threats to contend with! Storms, radiation, and vermin tides endanger the players’ successful harvest! Do you have what it takes to succeed in the universe of Rebel Moon?

‘Rebel Harvest: Save Veldt’ was created in collaboration with Tommy - a Creative & Production Studio, to be the center of action in a Twitch live event, featuring six of Germany`s biggest streamers, promoting Zack Snyder’s movie series ‘Rebel Moon’ on Netflix! The map truly immerses the player in the world of Veldt with great attention to detail and adds custom in-game functionality and features.

The task - what's possible?

For a project intended to be realized as a mod for a game, it first needs to be clarified whether it is even technically doable! The Rebel Moon Mod Map awaits the player with many unprecedented situations and mechanics. Integrating these into a game that is usually played in a completely different way requires a great amount of sensitivity to weigh up what is possible and what is not!

A whole new experience

Farming simulator games do what the name suggests - recreate the everyday life of a farmer in a gamified way. Rebel Moon also follows the work of a farmer - but on a different planet and with lots of exciting experiences for the player to prepare for! The Rebel Moon map was created to be a difficult to master mod map, where, in contrast to the usual Farming Simulator experience, there is a custom UI, power ups, time-based events and even integrated videos.

From the movie to the game

Our Rebel Moon map would only be half as interesting if it didn't also visually resemble the movie. With great attention to detail, we rebuilt all the models and provided them with matching textures, just as they can be seen in the movie. Even details such as the flying spaceship, a special flow map for the water and the appropriate lighting mood were brought into the Rebel Moon Map with great care and detail!

Award-winning creativity in the advertising industry

The Rebel Moon - Save Veldt event was awarded the Bronze Award by The Caples Awards. The Caples Awards is a show that recognizes and rewards creativity in direct marketing, with a preference for work that elicits some kind of response, be it a click or a like.

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