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Cascade Airport

Cascade, the gateway to the bush of Idaho!


Cascade Airport is the ideal gateway to start your adventures in Idahos backcountry. Get your plane ready, fill up the tanks and take off from the last paved runway you will see in the near future. U70 Cascade is just west of the best airfields that upstate Idaho has to offer, right on the southern tip of Lake Cascade. Many adventures with stories told to this day took their course here. Start your trip to the fantastic mountains of Idaho from here and explore epic places like famous Johnson Creek (3U2) or Big Creek (U60) and master exciting approaches to Thomas Creek (2U8) or Mahoney Creek (0U3).


  • Detailed assets with PBR textures and LOD
  • Highly detailed landscape
  • Adapted environment around the airfield
  • Animated hangars to open and close (via yoke clickspot)
  • Animated custom windsocks partially illuminated (according to real model)
  • Custom runway lights
  • Animated people around the airstrip

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